Data Deletion Request

Here is our recommended guide towards handling data deletion requests:

  1. Verify the request from the individual
  2. Review the state they reside in to understand legal requirements, if any. 
    • Note: Even though there may not be a "requirement" to delete data, many companies will complete the request as a good steward practice and normalize the process across states.
  3. Communicate / Acknowledge the request
    • The sooner the better
  4. Proceed with the deletion of data in internal systems and amongst 3rd parties (Must be completed within X days based on jurisdiction, i.e 45 days for CA Residents)
    • Having a data inventory / location database will be handy for future requests
    • You can also anonymize the data as well if you need it for statistical purposes
  5. Communicate to the person the completion of the request
  6. Archive a log of the deletion request

Updated 20 Apr 2022
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